Five Reasons why you are lucky

There are times when we all feel a bit beat down by life or circumstances, so this is a blog to explain five reasons why you are lucky – or blessed.  I know what you might be thinking – this blogger doesn’t even know me.  How can she presume that I am lucky?  Let’s examine five reasons.

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1. You are smart.

We can discern this fact – and yes, it is a fact – because you can read.  Only literate people read blogs AND you are smart enough to navigate the internet to find this blog AND you are smart enough to have access to a computer.  So if you are doubting yourself or your worth, know that you ARE smart.

2. You live in a country that has freedom.

The fact that you are able to access this blog means that you live in a country that allows its citizens to share controversial ideas and to learn and grow from different opinions.  That is a beautiful thing that is worthy of celebration.  You are lucky to be afforded such freedom.

3. You are interested in learning.

The act of wanting to expand your horizons, to learn new things and to explore differing points of view is a gift.  You are engaged in life and that is a great thing.  There are people who have given up, who are jaded or uninterested and feel like their best days are behind them.  You are not that person.  By virtue of the fact that you are interested in internet musings means that you are an active participant in this life and good for you.  That zeal makes you a lucky person.

4. You have at least a bit of idle time.

We are all busy – taking care of work, parents, children, friends, bills, cars, houses – the list goes on and on.  But you have found an ounce of downtime.  Maybe you are reading this on the subway, or while eating lunch or waiting for an appointment.  But the fact is that you have at least a moment for yourself and I am honored that you chose to spend it reading this.  There are some people out there who are truly in crises.  They are running from ordeal to ordeal, just hoping to keep their head above water. They have absolutely no idle time and their quality of life suffers because of it.  You are not that person.  While you are no doubt busy, you have at least a moment to read something interesting.  You are lucky to be in that position.

5. You have <fill in the blank>

A job, a loving spouse, your health, a roof over your head, a bank account, a cell phone, faith, an education – you tell me.  We all have so much to be thankful for.  Sometimes life beats us down and we forget to be grateful.  What do you have to fill in the blank?  How many blanks can you fill in?

Think about it.  You are smart, have access to information, have a desire to keep learning and at least some idle time to do it – and much, much more.  You are a lucky person and I hope that gratitude fills your heart and your day.  I am very lucky to have the opportunity to connect with you.  Thank you for that privilege.


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  1. Laura Reese says:

    I am lucky to have you in my life 🙂

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