CDS Global in the rear-view mirror

It has been a month since my last blog and I actually have a good excuse for my lack of prose, which will also explain my new website. I am in the midst of a job change. I had three wonderful years at CDS Global and now I am looking forward to the next great adventure.

rearview mirror

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Before I focus solely on the windshield though, I always think it is beneficial to spend a moment looking in the rear-view mirror to savor and appreciate what was accomplished and learned. Here are the three things I am most proud of during my tenure at CDS Global.

1. Technology Roadmap

When I arrived in April of 2010, there was a keen awareness that we needed a technology story to get us to our next stage of evolution. Working with super-smart technologists, we started putting together plans. We had at least two false starts, but in September 2010, we unveiled a vision that has shaped our technology decisions ever since. The reason I am so proud of the Technology Roadmap is that we thought it through and then we stuck to it. Delivering on a tech vision is extra-challenging because the business and the technology changes as you are in the midst of implementing. Our vision was both solid and flexible, allowing us to adapt to new information while providing a strong foundation that advanced our capabilities. To be able to look at a document, nearly three years later, and realize that what were once boxes in a powerpoint diagram are now live, working elements in a layered architecture is pretty darn cool.

2. Six Products Launched

For those of you who have read prior blogs, you know how proud I am of the six products that we launched in less than three years. That is an amazing accomplishment and something that everyone at CDS Global should be very proud of. The six products, for those keeping track at home, include the Web Services Gateway, Web Stores, eHub, eEditions, Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) and Prospect Insights. Of the six, one was built entirely from scratch using only CDS Global resources, two were built on top of an open source eCommerce platform (Magento), two were created through consulting partnerships with unique subject matter expertise that augmented CDS Global resources, and one came through an acquisition.  My point is that we really embraced the Buy-Build-Partner analysis to find the best solution to deliver on our product vision.

We were able to launch these six products – all the way from ideation to revenue generation – with a product management group that was learning ‘on the job.’ We took a number of internal employees from other jobs and hired a few external folks as well and grew them into a Product Management team that could launch and manage six new products, in addition to the existing offerings. Our Product Managers were an integral part of the equation, working daily with IT, Account Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR to deliver on our promises. Truly an amazing accomplishment.

3. Agile Deployment

Finally, I am extremely proud of our Agile deployment. We didn’t do everything right but we were very successful in our adoption and drive to the Agile movement. We were able to deliver the six products mentioned above, as well as driving a significant increase in employee job satisfaction, effectively train and cross-train many employees and empower developers to actively participate in the whole solution, rather than focus only on a bit of code without an understanding of how that code fits into the larger effort.

Parting is sweet sorrow, or so they say, and that definitely applies here. I am sad that I do not get to see my friends and colleagues in the hallways anymore. But I know that friendships will endure and CDS Global will be able to continue to deliver amazing value for existing and future clients.

As for me, what is next? Well, you’ll just have to stayed tuned for the next adventure.  I am excited about the possibilities!

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    Nicely written!

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