Access to CDS Global Blogs

While I was at CDS Global, I wrote a number of blogs and I want to provide access, in case these topics are of interest.  I have grouped them by topic.

Leadership (#leadership, #innovation)blogs-2

Journey to the Chief Product Officer
Lessons from an Ironman
Three Must-Dos for Driving Culture Change
What is your Technology Dream?
Memorable Nuggets
More Memorable Nuggets

Product Management (#ProdMgmt, #ProdMkting)

What exactly is Product Management?
Product Management: Assume Permission to Succeed
Product Management: An organizational retrospective
The Triple Constraint – It’s real and it has to be managed
The Third Option – Finding a new alternative
Product Management’s role in Sales Kickoff (SKO)

What does it take to launch a product?

Mobile Mind Shift Per Forrester

Agile (#Agile, #Scrum)

Agile Features – Matching Iterations with Marketing Plans
Executive Sponsorship of Agile
Agile Pitfalls

I hope you enjoy these blogs and all of the more recent ones too!


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